Apr. 19th, 2017

I just saw that some of you lovely people left me sweet birthday wishes on lj! The new lj TOS was it for me, I'm afraid, so I've moved entirely to DW (although I haven't posted, because I have like two friends here :-P), but that's where I'll be if you want to find me. I'd love to friend anyone here that I was friends with on lj, if you like. <3

I've gotta say, I love DW. It's just like lj was in the old days, when I first came to love it. I'mma try to cross-post this to lj, but I don't know if it'll go through since I didn't accept the TOS--we'll see!

In any case, sw0rdy, majestic_duxk, and jj1564--THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY AWESOME BIRTHDAY POSTS!! I LOVED THEM. (jj, now I want chocolate!) There's no way to know about pm's I was sent because I seldom get e-mail notifications for them, but I got a couple of notifications, and so thank you to you lovely ladies, too!

An Easter birthday hasn't happened for me since young childhood, such that I started to believe I must have imagined it could have ever happened, but here we are again! It was a good one. I miss you folks. Any of you want to find me here and friend me, I'd be delighted--exact same username here as lj.

Love you guys!! You brought a big smile to my face with your birthday wishes. <3 <3 <3



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