Jun. 1st, 2017

Last night, I dreamt I was watching a so-latter-day-SPN-it-hasn't-aired-yet ep while [personal profile] caranfindel was in the room doing her own thing. The ep was this meditation on addiction that seemed clearly a straight-up exploration of what the writer was thinking about that had nothing to do with SPN itself. I muttered some comment about how the writer couldn't be arsed to come up with anything that actually had anything to do with the show, and caranfindel piped up with a wholehearted agreement, which led to a rousing discussion between us on all things show-related, and which had other folks coming into the room to join into the chat. So basically, a physical representation of online SPN fandom!

I think I was actually thinking about Carver. Lately I've been realizing I think what I had the hardest time with about Carver's Supernatural is that he seemed to be trying to make it "more realistic," to bring reality into this ... story about two brothers who hunt monsters, which is ludicrous. For me, from the very beginning, at its best, the show rode this gloriously delicate line, which was a grittily realistic portrayal of an entirely metaphorical series of events designed to explore the deeper realities of human relationships and the human experience, like nesting dolls, multiple levels and dimensions utilized to get at something that is inherently complex and multi-dimensional. That's why I loved Show so much, because it was so layered. To treat it as reality all the way on down took away all the dimensions and made it flat ... and silly. Sooo silly, Carver. I'm lookin' at you. Yeah, that's right, I said it. ;-)

I'm liking Dabb's SPN far better than Carver's already, though Show is far from being what it was pre-Carver. I found the general stories of S12 fairly cohesive, I liked the characters they kept returning to, like Max and Alicia, Mary, and Claire (BOY was I tired of Crowley and Rowena drama, although Crowley in that last ep made me realize I'll miss him, at least a bit), I thought the themes were good. I'd love to see Max come back as one of S13's big bads (as some people have suggested might happen); I LOVE that actor, and his story is great, with much potential. Before this last season, it seemed like every storyline was a reprise of something SPN had already done, but the nephilim is also a good new idea ... well, at least, of ideas SPN has fully explored, since the antichrist was a similar idea with much potential that was introduced and abandoned. There's so much potential! Especially if he's a good guy at heart, or at least conflicted.

Otherwise, I'm incredibly excited about Summergen, as ever, although I haven't actually started on the fic yet because ... well, the whole theme I'm going to delve into with it kind of scares me; I've got to prepare and gird my loins before I dive in. What's going on with you all? How are your Summergen fics coming?
I guess I'm finally feeling like it's the right time and place to 'come out' as an author of original fiction! I've done a lot less writing of fic the last few years. It's because I was writing my original fiction instead! If you would like to check it out, I publish under the name December Nolan on Amazon.

The stories range from political (a whole series I published, called Less) to fantasy (A Course in Magic is about a total loser who finds a magic book and finds himself) to angsty, sexual stuff you miiiiight recognize from my fic. ;-> Restraint is a nice, angsty story about a teen male prostitute, and as for The Book of Jonah, somehow angsty sex got all mixed up with religion and spirituality. That one pushes a lot of buttons, so if religious stuff might bother you, it's not for you, but of course, SPN pushes a lot of buttons about religion, and SPN fic mixes that up with angsty sex, so it probably wouldn't offend any of you wonderful ladies. But I thought I should include that warning, just in case. And Flight is more of a combination of fantasy and spiritual explorations.

All my e-books are 99 cents, because I'm more eager for people to read them than to make money (not like it's really possible to make money as an author, unless you're really good at self-promotion, which, uhmmm, you might have gathered I'm not :-]). I've lately formatted them for print, too! And those I priced at the nearest dollar above the amount it costs to print it. I'd love it if y'all felt like checking them out and talking to me about them, here, there, anywhere. NO pressure at all to leave a review, but I'd be grateful if you did.

So there you have it, I'm an author! :-)



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