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I was in no hurry to watch 12.5 after the lackluster fan response to it (although seeing stills of RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY JARED AND JENSEN in this ep got me moving--seriously, Jensen usually doesn't do it for me but DAYUM. And Jared, just as fine as he's been all season *drool*), but I finally got around to it tonight, and uh ... yeah. That one's sitting even worse than it went down.

I have been LOVING season 12. I always was a fan of Dabb (more of a fan than most other fans, so far as I can tell ...?), and this is the first ep of the season that wasn't good to great. Excellent direction (from the wonderful director of Red Meat, whom I MAY have tweeted suggesting she direct EVERY EPISODE OF SPN EVER--she's finally getting started on that, I guess ;-)), fantastic acting.

New writer has promise, as I found the first half of the episode quite good, but it fell apart toward the end. It seemed plainly to be meant as a Hitler/Trump analogy, which might have played a little better had he not won the election, but the episode lost me when Hitler was brought back and hopped around acting in no way reminiscent of anything I've ever heard of Hitler doing in life. I mean, sure, Hitler was crazy, but not that kind of wacky/silly. And for some reason one of the very first things he gets a solid grasp on is not just the concept of modern computing but Twitter? Yeah, yeah, more Trump analogy, but when their Trump/Hitler in no way resembles either Trump or Hitler (aside from twitteriness), what exactly were we supposed to be laughing at?

And then there was Ellie, fantastically played by Allison Paige. One of the things I quite liked at the beginning of the ep was all the space given for character development (and Jensen having fun with some physical comedy--FUN DEAN IS BACK! YAAAY!), particularly Ellie's. I thought her endless uber-awkward monologue with Mr. Tinder was hilarious. I noted in S9 that the writers killed a woman a week. Nowadays, it's a hipster a week! So they killed douchey get-some beard dude and Ellie's just kinda ah well. Is the idea that she's afraid of committment? "Flighty," as she suggested? I dunno.

What I do know is that that's a hell of a lot of backstory for a character we'll probably never see again--backstory that never ended up being relevant, as her big moment was dragging her bloodless body out of bed and shootin a guy ... because I guess Dean had to be the one to kill Hitler, since he already killed Azazel, LilithRuby, Death, and defeated Lucifer, and I don't know why adding Hitler to that list feels like the jump-the-shark moment, but it does.

I did, however, love the whole grenade-launcher scene. Jensen plays it so perfectly. I hope we get more grenade-launcher stuff! If you see a grenade launcher in the first third of the season, does it go off by the finale? We can hope!

Also, the Nazi thing--wtf? "Everybody Hates Hitler" was pretty good. I'd completely forgotten about "The Vessel" until I saw it in the Then. I guess they're trying to make the "Thule" into a thing, but ya know, every freakin superhero show does a Nazi thing; I don't get why SPN's jumping on the bandwagon. (Also, I love that when it comes to Hollywood, you just KNOW somebody's a Nazi when they have short blond hair and tiny round glasses. And Wagner?? The stereotypes, the stereotypes!)

Adam Rose was completely wasted in this episode (although his plastic clubbing neck bands were a great detail). I wish they'd bring back Cristoph, because holy fuck, what an actor. But overall, the ep was disappointing and kind of cringey, in the end lacking the subtlety we love Show for. I suspect this one will go down as one of SPN's worst eps ever. :-(

But as for good SPN-related shows, have y'all seen the first two episodes of Kings of Con yet?? HILARIOUS. I'd love to hear what you thought of them, if you've seen them.
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