Happiest of happy birthdays, [personal profile] majestic_duxk!! Fellow fan, stalwart gishwhes teammate, I am happy to be able to call you friend! <3 <3
I'ma leave all y'all's lovely comments on my post announcing my friend's death just as they are. I feel like responding to those particular comments would cheapen them, but I very much want you to know how much I appreciate your beautiful words.

There is a notification in my e-mail from that friend from not long before her death, which makes it feel like she's still around. I doubt I'll be filing that e-mail any time soon.

I'm so into the show Alone, on the History channel (wilderness survival was one of my favorite obsessions in my youth), even though I get constant errors as it creaks through the commercials, making watching the thing take about half again as long as it should. It's worth it! But now they're to the part where it gets really grim and everybody's having an awful time and it's no fun for them and no fun for you but by then you have to see who manages to stick it out the longest. One of the final four in this, its second season, who has been one of the most successful participants generally, is a woman! (The first season was only men.) She is pure awesome, but Mike had my heart from day one. They never let us get to know Mike well enough, or showed us enough of him. And he's from my very own state. Mike, you rock!!

I would like to take this space to wish the happiest of happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] quickreaver, who does such incredibly great work making so many of our favorite challenges and exchanges 'round here run smoothly, and is generally an awesome, smart, fun, kind lady. Glad you're here, and that we met! <3 <3 <3
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE INIMITABLE [livejournal.com profile] jj1564!!!!!

Thanks so much for being such a big part of what makes my flist fun and my interactions here fulfilling! Cut for gifs. )
A belated happy birthday to two incredibly awesome ladies 'round these parts: [livejournal.com profile] celtic_forest and [livejournal.com profile] caranfindel!!!!!

Thank you both for being part of this crazy, wonderful fandom. You've enriched my life greatly. <3 <3 <3
Happiest of happy birthdays to the most excellent [livejournal.com profile] toratio! Glad you're around and I'm wishing you a lovely, productive year of completing everything you hope to this year!

(((hugs))) and ***kisses***
The happiest of birthdays to the gal who's a big part of what keeps us going and having fun around here.

We've been talking a lot about music lately, specifically (early) '80s music and our shared love for it. I was there for it, she wasn't.

So I made this playlist for you, Milly. Imagine you and I and [livejournal.com profile] septembers_coda are all hanging around together sometime circa 1985 and it's a really, REALLY good day on MTV. This is what we would watch:

Or, if you'd rather watch it on youtube:

A few notes. )

I could literally talk for posts upon posts about each of these songs and everything they meant to me, then and now. So if anyone wants to start up a conversation in the comments on such subjects, by all means, do so! I'd love to hear anyone's memories of MTV or their favorite songs of the era or their favorite videos; anything.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLY_GAL! I hope you enjoy your gift.
Happy, happy birthday to the inestimable [livejournal.com profile] septembers_coda, mod extraordinaire of [livejournal.com profile] spn_bunker, best friend, and all-around wonderful human being. I'm so happy I got to go through life with you. <3 <3

Here is Sam, impatiently awaiting an invitation to your birthday party!

Now here are some special birthday pics and gifs I am sure you will enjoy under the cut. )




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