I MAY have made last night's series of posts in a state of manic giddiness that has now been followed by a crash of ongoing wakefulness and threatening illness, but hey, you take whatever leads to productivity when life's been sitting on your neck punching you in the head ... or at least dramatically demonstrating doing so, WWE-style.

So I really like watermelon. There's this thing they sometimes do at the store that they call a "premium cut," which I call a "watermelon filet" because it looks and is packaged exactly like a steak, in the styrofoam tray, with even the absorbent pad at the bottom. So after I ate it, it looked like I left a rotting tray of blood sitting around in my room. CLASSY.

Another thing we bought during our epic outing last night was lipstick, something I haven't bought in approximately 1.87 billion years. Not because I don't like lipstick--there was a time when I put some on every time I went out, particularly this one color I had that seemed like it shouldn't work and was really sparkly but also subtle and somehow worked really well. I got that lipstick from my mom, who loved buying Clinique stuff (one lotion in particular), which is so ^&*($# expensive that they pretty much always gave you a free gift when you bought something, which she often passed along to me. This lipstick was one of those freebies. I just wore it 'cos I had it and it wasn't hard to wear like so many of them are, requiring lots of blending or whatever (I'm lookin at you, Wet 'n' Wild); just put it on and go.

And I tell you what, this lipstick lives on. Though I haven't laid eyes on such a color in decades, it inspired then, and continues to inspire. Multiple people, after regarding it a while, would finally conclude they really liked it (that seemed-like-it-shouldn't-work thing), that indeed, it had some sort of mysterious, intriguing appeal. My sister, who had never been a lipstick or even a makeup wearer, started experimenting at that point. More pertinently, P never particularly liked lipstick until recently, and she's now a good-lipstick fiend, and when I brought up that lipstick that was the main lipstick I wore, she said it's the whole reason she's into lipstick now! Which is finally coming full circle, as she's getting me back into lipstick again after all these years.

So never let anyone tell you you amounted to nothing, because maybe you wore a free lipstick or something that had consequences that are still manifesting in multiple variations twenty years later. I AND MY LIPSTICK, WE STAND TALL.
I thought I might want fries for dinner, but we were out of potatoes, so one thing led to another, you know how it is, and after four hours and two grocery stores, we returned home with a new vacuum cleaner and a wok.
Gahhh, my friends page is full of such wonderful stuff today, especially in [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays! Most of you are talking about t.v. and music and show, and you know I'll be talking about that a lot in coming weeks, but for now I'll blab more about gishwhes, because it's my favorite event of the year and it's still not over for me mentally (fegvep!! coming soon).

Gradually managing to catch up, on lj and everywhere else, after gishwhes! Our house wasn't quite the wreck it's been in past years; just some clutter, mostly, that cleaned up quick. One year there was food coloring on the bathroom walls and an entire tray full of gingerbread; at least it's not that bad this time around!

I promised in [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays that I'd post my gishwhes items from this year, but since it's Throwback Thursday, I figured I would post my items from past years, since that's certainly a thing that's made me happy in the past, and I'm not sure I was brave enough back then to post my items! It'll also serve as an introduction to this year's items inasmuch as maybe it'll show you why I'm so pleased with my growth as a video-maker, because my first year's videos ... pretty basic. I've learned a lot, thanks to gishwhes. It's the only time of year I make videos, and I have an absolute ball at it. I was a film major once. That dream seemed long dead, but for 15 seconds at a time for one week out of the year, I get to delve into it!

The item was: VIDEO. It turns out that jellyfish will be big winners in global warming. Create a PSA to help the humans prepare for a future with jellyfish overlords. 23 points

Fun with Windows Movie Maker, which it turns out isn't the virtually useless video editing program I thought it was! I only learned that this year. The transitions still aren't the best, but with enough creativity and experimentation, you can make them look pretty good. This was me just starting out using the program:

Jellyfish PSA:

VIDEO. Tweed Porn. Let's see it with an appropriate porn sound track played on a lone kazoo. (No nudity required.) 23 points

LOL--I like that no nudity is REQUIRED. Merely SUGGESTED, maybe? Were I to do it now, I'd do a lot more with the visuals. ... Then again, the dimly lit room, cruddy camerawork and close-up is rather suggestive of porn. Still, I adore this one, because we totally went for it, Patty's kazoo-porn-music is hilarious, and the whole team came up with ideas for the script, most especially SpringLea, queen of puns.

Don't make me get the lint roller!

VIDEO. Which is faster: a baby learning to crawl or a turtle? Let's see a race. 26 points

An otherwise almost completely uninvolved last-minute member of our team (who kind of seemed offended by the whole idea of gishwhes--it seemed like the person who talked her into joining hadn't actually told her what she was signing up for) happened to have a crawling-age baby, the guy on our team who has virtually every object you could ever want somewhere on his property happened to have a turtle (we named him on the spot so we could cheer him on in the race), so we managed to get this item! Toby, dude ... maybe you should have trained more.

Baby vs. Turtle Race

IMAGE. Gingerbread Villages are always so cute and quaint. Make a gingerbread village that shows urban blight: needle exchanges, prostitution, heavy police presence, etc. 97 points

Here's the source of all that food coloring and gingerbread! If you look closely, you can see all sorts of unsavory details ....


I'm loving all the [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays happy, people!! And seeing what used to float your boat/still does. <3
It's Throwback Thursday at [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays, where you post about something that USED to make you happy, even if you can't imagine ever being into it now! (Or even if you can.)

Here is mine:

HE-MAN AND SHE-RA. I used to watch both shows religiously every day when I got home from middle school. (Then, Voltron, but that's another post.) I even got my (much older) brother into them. She-Ra was probably the better show, but they were both all kinds of cheesy and ridiculous. (And imagine our delight when a live-action He-Man movie, starring Dolph Lundgren, came out not long later! Except it turned out to be really quite, uhhmmm ... S & M.)

I won't subject you to lots of pictures of He-Man (although please do yourself a favor and google "he-man cosplay" images); rather, I will share with you two videos, one a hilarious spoof video from a few years ago somebody made and put online of He-Man and friends singing a modern dance song:

And on what for me is a more poignant note, the full-length song from the pilot episode of She-Ra, a song which my brother hunted down on tape and got for me (not an easy feat, and he did it partly because he simply thought it was a great song), and which, years later, a friend in college was just as into (having gotten into it on his own, also being a big He-Man/She-Ra fan). It really is musically great, if you can get past all the silly sound effects and the Casiotone production:


Jun. 10th, 2016 02:38 am
Dear Women of Letters who are denizens of [livejournal.com profile] spn_bunker,

I love you. I love you anyway, but this post and all its comments fill me with such great adoration for the people you are. Thank you for telling the stories of the libraries that helped shape you.

<3 <3 <3


Jun. 5th, 2016 02:20 pm
Last night, I dreamt that Prince was running against Trump for president. (Prince was completely destroying him--YASSS.)

Prince and I were becoming buddies. I confessed that there was a name I wanted to be called. I had an explanation all lined up for how it wasn't just a silly version of his name, but when I told him--Prinzy (lolol)--he said, "Oh, I'm dying to call you Prinzy!" hee ...

He started telling me about how he just couldn't stand it when people talked about marriage or parents, that it triggered him because of his own issues with his parents. As he told me a detailed story about a promising friendship with a couple that was ruined because they had the bad form to bring up parenting or their relationship or something, I was sitting there knowing there was no way I was going to be able to talk to my new buddy without stumbling across the subject someday, alas.

Meanwhile, Prince was making some sort of Asian Fusion dish with green beans in it. Trump thought it looked good because he was dumb enough to notice only the green beans and think it was going to be good all-American eats. Trump tried it before all the ingredients had been added and pronounced it "Uck."

I couldn't get back to sleep, remembering all this ridiculousness and giggling ....
Back at the endodontist's today (yes, AGAIN):

Dental assistant: So, did you do anything fun this weekend?

Me: Yeah, actually--I went and saw Civil War.

Asst: Oh? What's that?

Me: It's the latest Captain America movie.

Asst: Oh. [sheepishly] Actually, I saw that, too. I just ... didn't realize that was what it was called.

Me: ...
I'm a total software nerd. (A hardware nerd, too, actually.) I'm the only person I've ever known who actually uses MS OneNote--religiously.

I just stumbled across a new MS program, so I couldn't resist trying it out, and I ended up making a little ... presentation, I guess you'd call it, about my favorite musician. Of course they make it so you can share it easily, so here it is, I'm sharing!

The program is called Sway. It probably won't catch on, but despite all the usual MS problems of non-intuitiveness/ease of use, it's really a pretty cool program. I'd love to see SPN ones of these ...
s_c and I have a longstanding tradition of making up songs to the tune of other songs. Vegas might not have been much fun for us, but I DID come up with this ode to spaghetti, to the tune of "Sound of Silence." (This is not in fact my first ode to spaghetti, nor, I'm sure, will it be my last.)

Hello pasta my old friend
I've come to chow on you again
with the noodles softly glistening
and the meat gently sizzling.
And the sweet of the pasta is a counterpoint to the beef
and basil leaf ...
Amid the sounds of slurping.
The lead singer of that band I rave about is currently live-streaming playing nerdy games with a bunch of other nerds, which is so awesome and bewildering in a total wtf kind of way. How many times did I wish I could be a fly on the wall of a lazy Saturday of the rock stars I loved in my youth? And today's technology makes it totally possible ... only to discover their games are exactly like gaming with my nerdy friends only even less entertaining. Life is fucking awesome and bizarre.

The quality of SPN this season has been so back up to ~the quality of seasons 1-7 that I'm starting to get inspired to write fic again! I have two fics in mind at the moment, one a Walt and Roy, or possibly Steve, Reggie and Tim, and the other ... has already slipped my mind. Crap.

I love the Bunker, because stuff like last Wednesday's Random post keep going for days. <3 <3 my Bunker peeps!

I get to go to a party tonight! And possibly meet a bunch of new people. I'm excited, and nervous.

I hope your weekends are good, and happy almost-Valentine's Day to you!

<3 to you

Oct. 26th, 2015 04:42 am
In many ways, y'all know me better than anyone, because you've read my fic, and I express myself better in writing generally. Love you guys. <3
Post something random day is so fun, I wish it could be every day!! Because when someone posts something random, you learn a little bit more about them, usually some interest/obsession they don't talk about here because we mostly talk about SPN. Y'all are interesting people! I for one would like to read more about these non-SPN aspects of yourselves, iffen ya feel like posting about them ....


Jul. 8th, 2014 02:38 pm
I love the something random meme, so here's some random images for you--most related to SPN, some not:

Read more... )

Yay to get to post some of the silly stuff I save and never thought I'd have an excuse to share!



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