The Quilt

Jun. 16th, 2016 06:48 pm
A few people have asked me to post a photo of the quilt--here it is! Despite all the trouble it gave me, I really love the final product. I made it because (I had a lot of fabric scraps I needed to use up and) I needed a light summer quilt, and it really fits the bill. If I recall correctly, the batting is cotton, so it's just the right temperature for summer. I even kind of have an affection for the gathered part at both ends--it's a design element! Or that's what I'll claim. ;-) The only thing that isn't quite done is the quilting proper, but it's done enough to use; I'll just have to finish the quilting before I wash it again.

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Wow, I am really lovin this Misha-and-Jensen charity, and shirt! They have a cool hoodie, too, and a drawstring bag.

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I can hardly see straight after the con, but I'm going to try to put together some vaguely coherent talk about it.
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ARGH, I'm so inspired by Cas/Hannah that I keep trying to come up with some kind of related episode tag, but as I felt about S2-S3, everything I want to have happen is already happening, so I just want to revel in the joy of letting someone else create exactly what I want to see. :-D

I wish they'd make them weirder and more stilted, Hannah's angelicness more alien, but it's still pretty good, and I LOVE seeing how far Cas has come in understanding how humans behave by putting him with an angel and hearing his insightful explanations of human motivation: "... so that they don't have to talk about something they can do nothing about." Aww ....

Even Hannah's terrible clothes (the pants, mainly) are growing on me, because like any angel, it wouldn't occur to her to change her vessel's clothing once she's possessed her, and evidently her vessel had incredibly bad taste ....
Lately, [ profile] alexisjane has been teasing me about the "spoiler" I "posted" in which I suggested Sam may be wearing only one layer in tomorrow night's episode. I maintain that the number of layers the boys are wearing is in no way a spoiler (SPOILER! I have it on good authority that with torturously few exceptions the boys will be wearing ~3 layers in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE from here until eternity!) -- unless it specifically reveals something about an episode's plot.

That being said, guess what guys!--I got plot synopses for the next three episodes, check it out!!:

9.14: While hunting the abominable snowman, Dean comes down with hypothermia! There is nothing for it but for Sam to strip down to only one layer so he can wrap Dean up in his jacket and outer shirt. Fortunately, due to a Sam-related law of physics, Sam in only one layer creates enough heat to warm them both--AND melt the abominable snowman!

9.15: Dean gets a deep cut on his leg! Sam must strip off his (jacket and) tear his outer shirt to ribbons for use as a bandage. (Not only did they get my one-layer memo, they must also have heard you Dean h/c girls!)

9.16: Hunting monsters in southern California in high summer, Sam comes down with heatstroke! Not sure what happens after that, but can these writers write or what?!

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