My review of 12.5: the first miss of S12. )

But as for good SPN-related shows, have y'all seen the first two episodes of Kings of Con yet?? HILARIOUS. I'd love to hear what you thought of them, if you've seen them.
Rich was actually my favorite part of the con. I'm hunting for video of a HILARIOUS ad-libbed song he did Thursday about how guys aren't allowed at the con unless they're footing the bill, which he sang to a guy asking a question. I was laughing so hard I literally cried. I'm coming to feel Rich is less an actor than a genius improv comedian ... though a great actor, too, but improv comedy is a special skill--especially improv song comedy, and it comes naturally to him.

In the meantime, I did manage to find video of an epic rant he went on Friday morning, for which he kind of apologized multiple times during the rest of the con, about how we SPN fans have something wrong with us and think someday we'll get to marry Jared and Jensen--he didn't hold back, but I liked it anyway. (Somehow, he said it all in a really good way.) He included himself in the "we," btw--down to marrying J2. He later told Rob it was because Rob wasn't there to hold him back (Rob didn't arrive until Saturday), and Rich was clearly in some sort of state as he took the stage Friday, feeling angsty it seemed; I liked hearing his unfettered thoughts. Plus, sweet version of "Sympathy for the Devil." Cut for YouTube videos and a picture )
This was a review that kinda turned into a meta, but no longer than my usual reviews ...

Am I the only one who loved it? )
“Ten Inch Hero” is a (kind of weak) play on words, since they work in a sandwich shop (the ‘hero’ part), and there’s a LOT of discussion of sex, including multiple scenes in a row where they talk a lot about penis size, whether size matters, yada yada.

It’s that kind of movie--an indie that seems to think it’s being edgy and hip with a lot of dirty/frank talk about sex and relationships but that doesn’t actually break any new ground (except the scene where two of the girls help/listen to the third masturbate, which just ends up being kind of awkward), largely perhaps due to the pervasively sweet, feel-good direction. It’s the kind of movie you can quote as you go, because a lot of what happens is pretty cliched (although the characters are fairly original, and the script has some great moments).

All that said/if you can get past that, it’s eminently watchable and pretty enjoyable.

Piper has moved to Santa Cruz believing that the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was 15 lives there. Needing a job, she applies at the sandwich shop where the requisite gang of quirky characters have created a makeshift family. (I love this shit, hence my enjoyment of the film, because that’s really what it’s all about.) Trucker, the old hippie who runs the place, is infatuated with the lady who has a new agey shop across the way. She is actually psychic and has a deep wisdom and knowing about everyone she meets. Now, I worked for a psychic who knew a million other psychics and new age types, and I can tell you from knowing these people, her character is UTTERLY UNREALISTIC, but I love a good no-holds-barred romantic portrayal of a certain type of person, so though it was SO cheesy, it was very charming, and really works for the film.

Jen’s most important relationship is with someone she’s never met whom she spills everything to online. Tish (Danneel’s character) is an unrepentant maneater, whom Priestly (Jensen’s character) pines for, but she never shows any interest in him, he believes because he dresses what I guess the movie considers “punk” and is a “freak.” I was a punk, I hung with the punks, and I don’t know what’s going on with his wardrobe, which is ... ‘creative’ to say the least, but definitely not punk, or even something I’ve ever seen a real human being wear. (Except maybe the kilt-with-combat boots getup, which also looked deliciously hot.) But chalk it up to the joys of Hollywood attempting to realistically portray a type and getting it hilariously wrong.

a small example for you ....

More to the point, a major theme of the movie is looking past appearances, which is a bit obnoxious considering that the three main girls are played by hot, hotter, and ridiculously hot, and the “freak” “no one looks twice at” is played by Jensen. (Who, kind of depressingly, has to dress like a normal to get Tish to take notice.)

But anyway ... the movie sets up these characters and then follows them through their personal stories in a way that’s very heartwarming and satisfying for everyone. Though there are a lot of cliches, there are some great, unexpected lines, and the character ideas are fairly original, especially Tish, who’s not treated as bad or evil by the script because she’s a manipulative slut, and she doesn’t get catty with other girls; the movie makes a lot of (usually successful) attempts to be feminist and have very modern attitudes about gender-related perceptions.

I’ve never seen Danneel in anything before this, so I didn’t know what to expect. She and Jensen really have a lot of chemistry! (Take off your tin hat for that one.) You’ll recognize most of the actors--John Doe (Trucker) and Clea DuVall (Jen) have been in a ton of stuff--and all the main players in the sandwich-shop family do a great job. Jensen is typically great. But honestly, I was most impressed by Danneel, who was tasked with playing a character not a lot of people would be able to play so thoroughly and believably; plus, you could tell she added a bunch of her own flair and ideas to it. Also, she has a fucking perfect body, which we know because she gets 100% completely naked during a sex scene and you see everything. So, if you have some hankering to know what Jensen’s looking at in bed--AND I KNOW SOME OF YOU DO--this is an ideal source.

As for Jensen, there’s a lot of Dean in his character here, and a lot that’s unique to this character, which is adorable and always fun whenever he’s onscreen. He’s kind of too big for a movie and a role this small; I don’t think it’s just because I’m a SPN fan that my eyes went to him even when he was in the background with his back to the camera. The man has PRESENCE. (And he finally gets to look as tall as he is! He looms over everyone else.) He has a lot of cringey lines (he makes a big speech while buying tampons, for instance), but delivers them with characteristic aplomb, and his character is sweet and adorable.

There are some weird moments in the film, including some of Priestly’s odder lines (his declaring something “gay” really dates the film and falls flat in light of modern-day values); an unexpectedly disturbing, violent turn late in the film (it’s not bad, but it is out of place, and very ... shall we say ... testosterone-filled and NOT girl-power; also Priestly instantly gets his ass TOTALLY kicked, which is a real change from watching Dean all this time); some deliberately skeezy characters and some characters that aren’t meant to be skeezy but nonetheless are (like Piper’s decades-older, unintentionally creepy-acting love interest).

All in all, this movie is probably not going to change your life. But it’s a fine way to spend a couple of hours, especially if ya like looking at Jensen.
Ah, 9.10. I saw before I even watched it that everyone seemed to have liked it, and I did, too--quite a bit. Good script, great direction, wonderful acting, Tahmoh ... you know it's a good episode when you sit back at the 15-minute mark and find yourself thinking, "Now THAT'S entertainment!"

I will venture to say, however, that when Cas was fondling Sam's chest (while Sam made a lot of interesting faces at him), and red ... not to mention white ... substances were frequently being traded between the wide-open mouths of good-looking men, I could not help but think of the casual viewer tuning in, resulting in the inevitable instant WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?? response. To the fans, it all makes PERFECT sense, whereas to the uninitiated, they must wonder what kind of freaky cult we've got going on here. And that, my fellow fans, is yet another reason to adore this show.

One thing I LOVED about this episode was that it broke new ground. We've never seen anyone like Corey before in the world of SPN, which was greatly refreshing. I liked Cecily and Abner a lot, too--all the new characters. Plus, I love when SPN casually describes diabolical acts of the gov't and/or corporations as the work of demons and monsters (like HFCS, and now, the NSA), or at least that demons fit right in there. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, SPN. When the King of Hell behaves far more ethically than the RL humans in charge of gov'ts and corporations, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a fuck lot wrong with our world. But I digress ...

I also loved the end. My greatest fear was that when Show returned, it would continue treading water as relates to the growth of the main characters and their relationship and it would all have amounted to much ado about nothing (please, Show, please don't do that), but the final scene implies there really was a point to all this. Would it really take ALL THAT to break through Dean's lifelong cycle of denial and bluster? Frankly, probably. The idea of seeing him ACTUALLY CHANGE AND GROW is profoundly exciting, as is the possibility that the relationship between the brothers could legitimately, truly be healed. Please, Show, pretty please, go there? I'll be your best friend if you do ....

(Plus, the Sassy shippers will be happy! Sam and Cas in the bunker for the next however long, with nothing to do ... but each other.)

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Day One

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Challenge ACCEPTED!

I blame thank [ profile] kalliel for this!


The tragic, fucked-up sex-with-Sam story I never knew I wanted to write until I did! Inspired by Orphan Black.


Ah, my SPN/Princess Tutu crossover. Even my best friend didn't like it :-( (although a couple of you did!). As evidenced by my most recent fic, I really love the fairy-tale aspect of SPN, and this is the first story where I played with that. Here's where I get to talk to my heart's content about Princess Tutu, and if I get ONE person to watch (try Hulu--it's free on there if you watch the excellent English dub!), I will consider this indulgence a success. Princess Tutu is a brilliant anime that isn't popular even among anime fans. No giant robots, no fan service, no battles, just ballet and fairy tales and classical music. It's archetypal and beautiful. Staged like a ballet (spotlights, costumes), beautifully drawn, deliciously cracky yet at the same time perfectly sensical, fun and deeply angsty, you've never seen anything like it.

I conceived the fic when my best friend and I started noting all the similarities between it and SPN. It could be argued that the two shows are like Sam and Dean--they couldn't be more different, but deep down they have a lot in common. (Sam would be the Princess Tutu. ;-) )The fic is me tracing out all those similarities--there's even an evil, dark-haired beauty in Tutu who's only evil because she was raised by her father (basically the devil), named Rue, who I thus called "Rueby" in the fic.

It's true that no one who isn't familiar with Princess Tutu would probably get what I'm trying to go for in the fic, and Tutu isn't for everyone, but I'm proud of this one, dammit!


Likewise with this one, my little fic no one wants anything to do with, about now-Sam and Dean encountering younger, happy versions of themselves, who have the life they should have had (a time echo created when Cas saved then resank the Titanic). It seems on par with all the rest of my fics, so I'm not sure why it's so unloved, but it got almost no attention when I first posted it, and none since. I still love it, though.


Every now and then, I go back and read this one. Most of my fics have a theme or a point or something I'm experimenting with as a writer, but this one is just a story, so when I want to get lost in someone else's life--in Sam--I like to return to it. It's just about when he went to Stanford and how he had a hard time fitting in at first then eventually found his way.

I think this is a brilliant idea for a challenge, because how an author feels about their own fics is often very different from how others feel about them. I'd love to see how each of you responds to this challenge, because who better to rec an author's work than the author themselves??
Well ... all right, because I know there are a lot of people out there who are curious but afraid to get their hands on a copy, I guess it's time to break down and review (time to cover your eyes if you're prude--or if there are things about Misha you really don't want to know!)-- Misha's wife Vicki Vantoch's book "The Threesome Handbook," which I received quite unexpectedly from a fellow SPN/Misha fan for Christmas.

Cut for DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY. Actually, my review probably won't be very dirty, but the book is, including all 26 illustrations, one for every letter of the alphabet. Yes, really .... )



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