Thank you ladies for helping me figure out pesto, especially since I practically lived on the stuff earlier this week. PESTO. I've so far made it with pecans (DELICIOUS), although today I used mostly almonds, because I have a buttload of whole almonds in my freezer that have been there quite a while and probably the only way I would end up using them is in a blender, since they're a pain to chop, and not a lot of recipes call for whole almonds. I did add some pecans later on, though, because I find they're more flavorful than the almonds.

This is spinach, rapini, and garlic scape pesto:

(I added a little extra salt, pepper, and lemon juice to it; that's what's on the top there ....)

It gets thicker every time I make it. (And this was the first time the blender worked the way I anticipated it would! With the almonds and garlic scapes knocking together to help get each other blended; last time, it was really hard to get the garlic scapes to blend. GARLIC SCAPES.)

And then this is what the below-mentioned fruit did to my plate! SUFFICE TO SAY THEY WERE VERY JUICY.

(Hahaa, you should have seen how big those pictures were before I resized them! But actually, not having built-in photo-uploading on this site is proving to be a lot less trouble than I expected, FORTUNATELY. :-D)

All human

Jun. 19th, 2017 11:07 am
I had a rough night a couple of nights ago; it was really hard to get to sleep. For hours after we were done going through the box, I took comfort in the things I usually take comfort in, when I need it: fandom, pictures and articles about my favorite artists, etc., which led me to this excellent essay written by the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, and serves as a fantastic reminder of why success as an artist/writer/musician would SUUUUUUCK, so it's just fine that nobody reads my books. Well, I wish a few people, who would really enjoy and/or benefit from reading them would and would talk about it (that essay points that out, too, how easy it is to get hate when you share your work, and how hard it is to get any damn appreciation, even if you supposedly have lots of 'fans'--what is that?!), but fame? Fuuuuuck that.

As I read the essay and looked at other, related articles and interviews and pictures, I was reminded anew that we are all human. The people I most admire in the world get fat, have health problems, get hate, have low self-esteem, suffer from depression. It's okay. We're all the same. So thanks, all you famous people who shared your failures and downfalls and hardships as well as your successes. Thanks for not hiding your humanity, however hard that may have been. It makes it easier for the rest of us to be human, too.
Just wanted to share this post with you from my lovely friend [ profile] selenic76 so you can see how cute it is AND TO CONTINUE MY NEVERENDING CAMPAIGN TO FORCE EVERYONE ON MY FLIST TO SEE PRINCESS TUTU.

Also, don't miss [ profile] milly_gal's fantastically beautiful picspam for me here, [ profile] jj1564's amazing Lovecats/SPN picspam for me here, and my dearest [ profile] septembers_coda's hilarious picspam for me here!!

Love you guys. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! They made me so happy. :-)

Well-deserved love for PT under the cut. )
I love you guys so much. <3 <3 <3 I'm just catching up on your comments now. I'll be reading, posting, and responding to comments as I ease back into beautiful, blessed regular life. Love you guys. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Only three more questions left to answer on my December Meme, unless someone else jumps in and asks another unexpectedly (which, let's face it, ain't too likely, seeing as how I'm hearing echoes around here. Hellooooo-oooo-ooo-ooo!)!

Saw the final Hobbit movie today, which wasn't bad enough to warrant a scathing review like the one I wrote a year ago for the second one, but there were a couple of scenes that were so over the top, I was like, "Wow, people are gonna be chortling about these for years." But it was enjoyable, in an old-Hollywood sort of way, and I like over the top, so it didn't bothuh me. Hot damn, the Thai food we ate after was hot! (I requested mild, but the chef didn't take any of our requests into account for some reason. I picked about ten hot peppers out of my dish--same as my buddy, who asked for his "extra spicy." Hmm ....)

And I just wanted to thank those who left me love on the Love Meme--all those comments are still sitting in my inbox so I can read them whenever I need a lift. Thanks, guys. <3
"What has been your most memorable moment within the fandom?"

That would be my birthday last year. I got b-day wishes and picspams (from you, dear [ profile] milly_gal!) and gifs and posts and ART, and-- and-- so much wonderful stuff!! I just glowed with joy (and still do, remembering it <3). My birthdays have mostly been bummers, so I was so happy and surprised at all the love I got that day! Fandom is this magical place where skills you used to think were useless are valuable, and fascinations you thought were weird are welcome, and the way you've been regarded all your life can be entirely different.



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