I have six* oranges, both large and small, lined up on my desk.

I spent a great deal of time doing research today on everything ranging from trigger spray nozzles to an imitation-leather book cover. It was super fun research, too ... but I ended up coming to the conclusion I always seem to have to when it comes to design, which is that I'm gonna have to fuckin break down and buy Photoshop.

I also learned that it's really hard to find good free fonts you can use however you want.

Misha posted a couple of shirtless (shoulders only) pics on twitter! A good day for all us Cas girls. YES. Meanwhile, my current favorite musician was in rare form on twitter the other night, which involved a poll about best juices (apple juice won, because YAS, APPLE JUICE), and as is par for the course with his twitter, an extraordinary amount of discussion about pooping. Make of that what you will, but one of the things I admire about him is that he tends to be completely open and honest about all things to do with being human, including (or especially) the embarrassing or "not for polite company." Also, he has a child, and I think toddlers really put all that kind of stuff on the brain, even if his kid is now older than that.

I was going to write a fic last night or today, inspired by an episode of Orphan Black, but then it got all government-conspiracy-ish and convoluted and that's just not stuff I really want to write about, but on the other hand it involved a lot of guns and being on the run, which is right up SPN fic's alley, and just ... I dunno. I wanted to write it, but I didn't want the hassle for a necessarily quite long fic I probably wouldn't end up being that glad I wrote in the end. But, re: SPN, it was so great to see Pellegrino back!!! And he was AWESOME!

Anyway, that's what going on with me. I'd love to hear about whatever's going on with you.

*five now
MISHA TOUCHED ME! He touched me. And he squeezed me REEEAAAAL tight.

He touched me.
"Please could you share your favorite to 5 pics/gifs (manips, art, drawings whatever) of Dean and Sam or J2 or you know SPN in general? Why they are so special to you?"

Pics and gifs behind the cut! )
A man in a dress always slays me, but DAYUM he wears the shit out of that thing!!


Nice backdrop, too ...
When Misha got the script for 9.01, you know he HAD to know there would thereafter be (mostly) naked pictures of him all over the internet. Sucks for Misha (or, who knows, maybe he's into that kind of thing), but lucky for us.

You're welcome.


(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cuddyclothes, from whom I shamelessly stole this pic.)



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