My review of 12.5: the first miss of S12. )

But as for good SPN-related shows, have y'all seen the first two episodes of Kings of Con yet?? HILARIOUS. I'd love to hear what you thought of them, if you've seen them.
I finally ended up seeing the final four eps of S11 of SPN all in one night, and I quite liked them all! Except the crappy-as-usual Buckner/Ross-Leming ep. Like, REALLY liked. I very seldom cry at SPN eps, especially on the first viewing, but 11.20 got me deep.

I'm pretty nervous for S12, now that worst-writer-ever Singer, who never really seemed to understand or respect Show, is one of the showrunners. :-[] The fact that Dabb wrote such an excellent season finale bodes well, though, and I like where it all seems to be going ... which I seem pretty much alone in? I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts on this.

I just loved the way S12 finally followed up on and tied up a bunch of outstanding issues, questions, gaps, etc., both in terms of plot and character, that have been left hanging since S5 or before (such as the amulet--not that I'm one of those who needed to see it again on an emotional level, but purely in terms of plot and story, I strongly felt, especially if they were going to bring God back, like they had to address it). I was nervous about them bringing God back and I didn't much want them to, but only because I was afraid it would be so hard to do it right, and then Robbie came through! And Rob and Curtis, awesome actors that they are. Because that was another plot issue I felt was left open that needed attention.

Now, they're both delving more into Men of Letters stuff--which, if they're going to introduce the MoL and have Sam and Dean live in the heart of the organization all this time, only makes sense--and bringing back Mary, which is the only way, as Amara said, to potentially heal some of Dean's crushing brokenness, and I am so eager for that. Plus, the criticism that Mary (and Jess) were only there to spur on the journeys of the (male) main characters and didn't have a real character of her own is a criticism I've heard many times. She's such a big spectre hanging over the whole show; I love the idea of them finally delving into that, their past, and that character, and seeing how that retroactively changes Sam and Dean's perspectives. I love it all. Go, Show!! Still doin' it right after all these years. <3 <3
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I'm not going to say it's the best episode ever, but there was so much to love. I guess even if Show is kind of a mess these days, this episode's winning charm and spirit of fun and how packed it was with Supernatural-ly goodness warmed my fannish heart.
So ... just got done watching 9.15, and ... am I the only one who liked it? Okay, yes, ‘anvillicious’--the word I saw most often describing this episode--is appropriate, mostly, I have to say, due to the (otherwise gorgeous) direction, as well as choices on the part of the actor who plays Harry, who was plainly all too keenly aware he was representing Sam’s position and played it thusly. If he just hadn’t done that, it would have cut down on the anvils by I’d say 30% ....

... But the thing is, frankly, we can use them. I’m not sure what’s up with these writers being so unclear about expressing what Sam’s thinking that fandom has to debate it, with precious little solid material to go on, for weeks. Maybe the SPN writers are afraid of telling instead of showing? (Because they never do that! *sigh*) My wonderful creative writing teacher once said “It’s good to make the reader wonder why something happened, but you don’t want them to be asking ‘what happened?’,” which we have to do all too often with this show these days. Why is Sam so mad? What is he thinking? How serious is it? What, specifically, is he so upset over? We finally got the answers to those questions here, lots and lots of direct dialogue explaining the matter via Harry and Ed, so at least now if fans fight over Sam and Dean’s serious relationship problems, they’ll have explicit perspectives to discuss and hash through.

People have noted the bad dialogue, and yeah, sometimes it was really bad, but I still found a lot to enjoy, because a) Harry and Ed have always sounded pretty stupid (though it used to be brilliantly stupid), so at least it was in character, and b) even when the dialogue was lousy for them to work with, those guys found every other opportunity to do something quirky or amusing or Ghostfacer-y (like ‘kicking through’ the hanging plastic flaps, running into each other hilariously on their way to view the video in the diner, etc.). I’m not sure whether it was originally scripted or not, but it’s cute that Harry makes his big departure from Ed ... having nowhere to go and no way to get there, so he walks all of 15 feet away to ask Sam and Dean for a ride. This episode was full of tiny little details like that that added many layers to the basic story. (I loved Sam’s baffled expression when Harry said he’d been “punched in the feels.”)

I, for one, am satisfied with where they left things with Sam and Dean; it seemed genuine and true to the situation. Arrgh, that wonderful little moment when they talked about playing Superman and Batman as kids (pretty appropriate choices there: Dean really does love to think of himself as all-powerful, fixing everything just by rushing in and taking action, whereas Sam recognizes he’s only human and takes the responsibility of what he does quite seriously). Sam freakin’ broke his arm ... but for Dean it’s nothing but a happy memory ... and then it turns out it’s so for Sam, as well. We see that at least they feel the same about the past, about the relationship they had then, which is a place to start. And it’s hard to argue with Sam’s statement on whether a thing can be forgiven, that it’s something you have to decide for yourself (so at least my fears that he would be villified in upcoming episodes don’t seem to be panning out).

Can I just talk about the direction? That was beautiful! New director, right? The shots were careful, delicate, and rich, gorgeously lit. It was a difficult balance, to put characters known for humor in a semi-serious situation and have them handle it semi-seriously, and it wasn’t the deftest job I’ve ever seen done with such a tricky setup, but still, pretty damn good. So kudos to you, new director.

I loved the deputy actor--great actor, great energy, he did affable and agreeable (you know something must be off when a local officer acts HAPPY to see feds) as well as he did scary and evil. Okay, yeah, the reasoning behind why they turned into murderous psychopaths was pretty weak ... and Sam and Dean--and Harry--just up and killed some more humans ... but the acting was great. And *drool*, Sam and Dean, tazed, bound and gagged? Mm mm mmm, more onscreen fanfic, thanks SPN folks!!

And DEAR GOD, could J2 get any hotter?!? HOLY CRAP, they get sexier by the week!!!! And ohhh, that suit on Jensen, with the green tie that brought out his eyes? Mmmm. Every time Jared comes onscreen, I melt. DELICIOUS. (And frankly, Ed and Harry were looking pretty fine, too! MANFLESH.)

All in all, though far from the best writing I’ve ever seen, I found it pretty enjoyable!
I didn't hate it by any means ... although that may be hard to believe, given the following review:
Turns out I had a really hard time finding anything positive to say. )
I want to kiss them all on the mouth for this one! (No tongue, though--first, we'll have to see how the season goes after this.)

Seeing [ profile] fiercelynormal's wonderful gifs from the episode reminded me anew of all the great moments--Dean's "You're weird around girls" announcement; the adorable Minnesoota cop; Dean's "extra cushion for the ..." followed by Sam's sharp look; Dean's hysterical donut-sugar wipe, no self-consciousness at all (God, I love the way Jensen played that); Sam and Dean's reaction when the guy starts doing his "kung fu" moves. Sooo, so many good lines. (And Sam and Dean were actually in character! Anyone else been missing that lately ...?) Also, there might have been something about yoga and shorts and a tank top. Nobody else has mentioned it, but I'm just gonna put it out there that, though it may be controversial to say so since it angers fandom so much when someone objectifies our boys, for myself, I quite enjoyed that bit.
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I actually quite liked this one. I wouldn't put it in the annals of great episodes, but I would put it WAY above last week's. I always adore Garth, I thought J2 did an AMAZING job handling the tension between the brothers throughout the episode, the direction was steady and careful. Little moments like Sam catching Dean lying about having info on the case and coolly snatching it out of his hand, Dean at the table with his cooked steak while everyone else eats raw entrails (and the good-Christian down-home family feel of it all), DJ Quall's amazing performance as Garth, all added to the pleasure of watching. Most of all, I felt like Glass managed to pull together and keep in focus a bunch of issues--the distance between the brothers, Dean's off-the-rails attitude these past few months, lingering feelings about Kevin--that have been all over the place and only haphazardly addressed in other episodes.

Again, if the MotW was being used as a metaphor for Sam and Dean (though all too often that falls by the wayside these days), then they're revisiting a question they've brought up before but never thoroughly addressed, which is, "What if the monster is a friend (or brother)? Can it be good? Do you kill it anyway?" If Dean is becoming a monster (or Sam, if we're really going end!verse--I still hold out hope for this, based on certain recent discussions at [ profile] spn_bunker)--Dean, who was always the KILL IT! KILL IT NOW! guy--what then? Could get interesting.

Even if Sam and Dean's talk at the end was maddeningly vague (what exactly are these 'terms,' Sam?), I'm just happy they DID talk, the fact of something wrong between them was addressed frankly if carefully, Sam expressed himself and put his foot down a little, and HALLELUJAH, Sam finally called Dean on his "But we're family!" excuse for everything/cure-all/nerve tonic.

I seem to be the only person whose thoughts went this direction, but familiar-character Garth becoming a lovable monster who lives in a family of werewolves near Chicago, where the spin-off is supposed to take place, in which groups/families of hunters and monsters interact ... could it be that Garth will be a regular on the spin-off?? As far as I'm concerned, that would be pure awesomeness. (I think I did hear they intend to bring some more minor SPN characters over to the spin-off--Garth would be a great one for that.)

So anyway, yeah, I found it enjoyable and entertaining, even if the werewolf stuff seemed unnecessary and exposition-heavy. Which brings me to a curiosity: Why DO they seem to feel a need to "update" the lore on a monster pretty much every time it appears in a new episode? Regarding the episode, Adam Glass said on Twitter that after nine seasons, he felt it was "time" to introduce new werewolf mythology, and ... why? Because there have been SOOO many eps with the original werewolf mythology introduced in "Heart" that we're getting bored with it?? In fact, I think they've added something to the mythology (that may or may not fit in with what they've already presented) every single time we've seen werewolves, vampires, or shapeshifters (if only that the one in "Nightshifter" could shift much more quickly than the one they encountered before, which I took for a plotting convenience, but anyway ...). Hey, SPN writers, a) if the fans can write umpteen jillion fics about Sam and Dean encountering these classic monsters and still find something new to do with it, then you could, too, and b) fans LIKE knowing and being able to keep up with a (cohesive, consistent) mythology! We don't need a bunch of new crap thrown at us every single time we see a monster! In fact, if you relied on previously established mythology, you could spend less time on exposition. But I digress. On to more important matters, like ...

Was it just me, or is Dean looking extra amazing lately? Yeehaw! Maybe it's the extra-long stubble, mmm .... And the preview for next week!! Looks like they got my keep-Sam-in-one-layer memo!! YES.
Ah, 9.10. I saw before I even watched it that everyone seemed to have liked it, and I did, too--quite a bit. Good script, great direction, wonderful acting, Tahmoh ... you know it's a good episode when you sit back at the 15-minute mark and find yourself thinking, "Now THAT'S entertainment!"

I will venture to say, however, that when Cas was fondling Sam's chest (while Sam made a lot of interesting faces at him), and red ... not to mention white ... substances were frequently being traded between the wide-open mouths of good-looking men, I could not help but think of the casual viewer tuning in, resulting in the inevitable instant WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?? response. To the fans, it all makes PERFECT sense, whereas to the uninitiated, they must wonder what kind of freaky cult we've got going on here. And that, my fellow fans, is yet another reason to adore this show.

One thing I LOVED about this episode was that it broke new ground. We've never seen anyone like Corey before in the world of SPN, which was greatly refreshing. I liked Cecily and Abner a lot, too--all the new characters. Plus, I love when SPN casually describes diabolical acts of the gov't and/or corporations as the work of demons and monsters (like HFCS, and now, the NSA), or at least that demons fit right in there. YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, SPN. When the King of Hell behaves far more ethically than the RL humans in charge of gov'ts and corporations, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a fuck lot wrong with our world. But I digress ...

I also loved the end. My greatest fear was that when Show returned, it would continue treading water as relates to the growth of the main characters and their relationship and it would all have amounted to much ado about nothing (please, Show, please don't do that), but the final scene implies there really was a point to all this. Would it really take ALL THAT to break through Dean's lifelong cycle of denial and bluster? Frankly, probably. The idea of seeing him ACTUALLY CHANGE AND GROW is profoundly exciting, as is the possibility that the relationship between the brothers could legitimately, truly be healed. Please, Show, pretty please, go there? I'll be your best friend if you do ....

(Plus, the Sassy shippers will be happy! Sam and Cas in the bunker for the next however long, with nothing to do ... but each other.)
Another surprisingly lovely outing from Ross-Leming and Buckner, beautifully directed, with stellar effects. Plus, we got Cas! I liked nearly all of it, aside from all the boring angel-war stuff. The "wars in heaven" haven't gotten more interesting with time, perhaps because we never actually SEE any of it ... not that that would probably make it more interesting, but hearing about these VERY IMPORTANT BATTLES--TRUST ME, THEY'RE WAY IMPORTANT for three solid seasons is wearing thin.

And of course it was terrible to see Kevin die (SURE am glad I had the spoiler on that one, or I'd have had a much harder time enjoying the episode after the fact), but at least his death was meaningful, and seeing Dean's reaction, after everything he's put poor Kevin through ... you kind of couldn't see another end for the kid. (And maybe the writers were out of ideas for the character.) His life sucked, hunted and terrorized by demons and angels (and Dean) alike. Kevin said it himself--he was working so hard because he HAD to get out of being a prophet, but there's no way out of being a prophet. A tragic end, sort of Sam and Dean's story in microcosm, of suffering and herculean effort and finally a redemptionless death. (I'm hoping for a happy ending for Sam and Dean, though, so maybe we can see this in Kevin and NOT have to see it in Sam and Dean, however likely an end it may be for them.)

Otherwise, I thought it pulled together a lot of confusing stuff we've been seeing all season quite nicely, especially the Ezekiel stuff. I kept wondering why Jared's acting seemed so off sometimes all season, but then knowing the spoiler also that Gadreel says Sam's "been gone for a long time," it made perfect sense and all came together here as in the first scenes I was like, "HE'S NOT ACTING LIKE SAM AT ALL--oh, riiiiiight." I mean, have we ever heard of an angel retreating behind a vessel's consciousness, or of a vessel being able to eject an angel at any time? Nooo, it's pretty much the vessel's the angel's to do with whatever it pleases as soon as it gets in, so this rather gracefully addresses those issues in retrospect.

Metatron's his deliciously devious self, Cas is his adorably righteous self ... and oh Cas, if you didn't think your reputation among angels could get any worse, you managed it. This development opens things up for a potential Theo/Cas amalgam that could be quite interesting in that we could see Cas do bad, unrighteous things that come in some part from his own motivations instead of pure-evil leviathans making him act entirely out of character.

I'm SO GLAD Gadreel is a deeper character than just plain old bad, and I love love love the parallels between him and Sam: their father's favorite, locked up in a life and with a reputation they don't deserve but couldn't escape, led ever further down a questionable path by the only person they have faith might be able to deliver them back to purity.

I really loved it. YAY, a very nice note on which to end the first part of the season before the hiatus!
I did not like it, Sam I Am--or should I be calling you Zeke now? )
Sam's hair wasn't even good! But that final scene did get me right in the Sam!girlie feels, so it wasn't a complete loss.
WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!!! I really liked last week's episode, but this is easily my favorite of the season so far. I'm beginning to realize that a HUGE part of what makes or breaks an episode for me is simply the feel of it, and the feel of this one was the richest, warmest, and least caustic yet.

I also just love the character-driven eps, the eps where we learn more about any of the characters, and of course I'm absolutely crazy about teen!chester stories. That young Dean actor may not have looked a thing like him, but I can hardly imagine any actor that young capturing his attitude better. For those of you who don't know, originally in the script he was supposed to be 14, not 16, which made infinitely more sense (and he looked 14 to me), so I thought of him that way.

The Monster of the Week again served as a metaphor for Sam and Dean's relationship (wheee!), which says something very interesting about Dean having to let go of the family member who's most precious to him. But the question remains ... can he take his own advice? Doubtful.

And AUUGHHHH, when was the last time we saw Dean that embarrassed/out of sorts as when he abruptly decided it was time to leave the restaurant when Robin didn't remember him?? Jackles captured that feeling so perfectly and evinced in a couple of seconds about a thousand relatable feelings, and God, how I loved that moment, but I loved a lot of moments: Dean being on the fence about staying until he looked out the window and saw Sam in the car, adult Sam seeing Dean's award for wrestling and the marks on his bed, Sam learning more about Dean in general! And Sam thanking him at the end--someone else said too how great it is to see one of them THANK the other finally!! Dean passes it off in his adorable Dean way, but Sam knows him well enough to know that Dean knew what he was trying to say.

I've seen people complain that they didn't feel like the teen stuff was in character, that John wouldn't have left Dean there, that Dean wouldn't have stayed there/would have immediately escaped, that Dean already loved the life and wouldn't have said he didn't, etc., so I was braced for not liking that stuff. Instead, I found it all spot-on with what we know of these characters at various times in their lives. That thing about Dean not loving the hunter's life yet was kind of a relief to me, because how could someone that headstrong love being forced into that job at that age? He told Gordon he "embraced the life" at 16, and we know that at ~11 when the shtriga came he was pretty damn resentful about the stuff his dad made him do that he didn't want to, and in the episode where he gives him the samulet (love that word), he seems pretty well cognizant of how shitty their lives are as a consequence of their dad's hunting. 14 is exactly when people are making major decisions about their futures and who they're going to be and really grappling with all that stuff, which was an absolute delight to see Dean go through onscreen. Seriously, I would be perfectly happy if this show were half flashback eps.

Beautifully directed, delightfully acted, and AWESOMELY written! You go, Glass!!
Despite some very annoying technical difficulties watching it on the CW site (in which it suddenly stopped playing and started the previous week's episode--not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES--note that you have to sit through every commercial break again if you try to fast forward ... CW!! *shakes fist*)(oh, and also including old-school webcam-quality video during the fight scene, so I'm still not 100% sure what happened--did Dean slide Cas the angel blade he used to kill Ephraim?), last night's episode sat very well ... better than any other episode this season and most of S8, which often seems to have a caustic quality. I could write an entire meta on the whys, but so often these days, it has a bit of a sweeps-week feel: color! action! violence! sex! blood! *You're not bored are you? YOU LIKE THIS DON'T YOU?? IT'S GOOD, RIGHT???* A far cry from the SPN of yore, where the most emotionally intense scenes happened during the quietest, most private conversations, in the car late at night in the rain, or in a remote hotel room.

This was kind of a quiet episode, mostly about Cas trying to build a new life, Dean's worry and guilt, and their relationship. (Plus, BWAHA, the best Destiel "Some time later ..." moment yet, as Dean takes Cas away in his car after Nora's aborted date, presumably no later than 10 p.m., returning him to work in broad daylight the next morning ... awww. Or should I say, boom chicka bow bow.) New writer (kudos to you, dude! good start!) who brought a different feel, and just seemed to enjoy delving into the characters and their relationships. It was sweet.
delights and disappointments )
I liked this episode. It wasn't quite as tight and every-line-better-than-the-last as some of SPN's finest comedic moments, but it was right up there.

Speaking of SPN's finest comedic moments, that "previously on" was EPIC. I was rolling by the time the giant teddy bear made his appearance. I love SPN comedy, and it was like being strafed with the funniest moments of the funniest episodes in thirty seconds flat. It was worth the price of admission right there.

Taxidermy: So ... I house- and cat-sat for someone who had WAY MORE TAXIDERMY THAN THAT, including zebras, big cats, and *gulp* an elephant foot.

There's just not a whole lot of actors who can pull off acting like a dog, and Jackles turned it into an art form. Utterly priceless.

I like my crack (and my porn) to have a point, so it was EXTRA satisfying that they managed to use this ridiculous premise to illuminate some important themes, foreshadowing, and to develop character. THEY FOLLOWED UP ON THE YOU-ARE-WHAT-YOU-KILL theme I was so hoping they would get into!!! AND ... they used the MoW as a metaphor! Huzzah!

I see that a lot of you didn't like Dean giving the "how you doin'" to the poodle, but as long as he doesn't get down and start humping the thing, I thought it was awesome, because it was ALL DEAN, and ALL DOG.

I felt like the animal voices could have been less cartoony, and the first fifteen minutes or so could have been way tighter and funnier. Editing is of vital importance in making comedy work, and I felt like a few scenes would have been infinitely funnier if they'd been cut a second or two earlier.

Did anyone else have the thought that this is a deliberate attempt to redeem "Man's Best Friend"?

Just mentioning here for my own sake: for the longest time, I felt like I only saw mentions of Jackles's beauty and acting genius and Jarpad's almost never came up, and just lately, I'm seeing Jarpad's acting skill and OTHERWORLDLY BEAUTY get lots of mentions, and it's making me happy!! Truly, our cup runneth over with both of these guys. All three of these guys. OKAY, JUST BASICALLY ALL THE GUYS EVER ON THE SHOW.
Actually, I loved it. (I think only one other person on my f-list did.) Sure, there were a couple of cringey moments--I was taken back to '70s shows like the Bionic Man with the cheesy "possessed" voices ... although I was pleasantly taken back to the '70s with Charlie coming back to life saying, "Merry Christmas"--just like Frosty the Snowman! And the wicked witch went a little over the top once or twice ("top"? what's this "top" of which you speak?), but hey, we needed a good evil witch cackle in there, I figure.

The part that got on my nerves the most was actually the whole "it's not sexist!!" speech--'cos if male writers put these words in the mouths of female actors, it MUST be true, right?? ("Well, of course it's sexy. What's the matter with being sexy?") Also, sadly, I have to agree with all the people saying Jarpad and Jackles were really phoning it in here--worse than I've ever seen them do before ... but I thought the direction was spectacular (I adore Singer's direction, in this case especially the shout-outs to old movies about intrigue, like the Men of Letters and their ritual at the beginning to turn on the bunker, the old lightbulbs and everything), some of the effects were cool, and the script had a beautiful symmetry. And, above all, props to Props!!

Recently I realized that one of the reasons I was so dissatisfied with S8 was because they seemed to completely throw the basic premise of SPN from ~1.05 through S7 out the window, which is, using the monster of the week as a metaphor for what's going on in the relationship between the brothers. When they started using it as a metaphor is when the show really impressed me and drew me in, and now that they barely do that anymore, it takes a really great story to make me feel fulfilled by an episode. This ep was the first time in a long time where you could say the MoW story was even in any way related to the issues between the brothers, so that pleased me.

Loved Dorothy, loved all we learned about the bunker and MoL history, enjoyed Charlie (even though I'm not the biggest Charlie fan), Sheppard was as awesome as ever, loved the clarity and precision in the way it was shot, love that Sam is getting suspicious ... I just loved it!

And next episode looks UTTERLY ridiculous ... but potentially awesome.
Needless to say, there will be 9.03 spoilers in this post!

I was dreading 9.03. There were SOO many things I wanted it to be, and I was sure it would fall down on all of them, and instead ... it was everything I wanted and more! YAAAAAY!!!!!

SOO many situations ripe for Cas's ... Casness, for humor and tragedy and everything in between.

Plus, the difficulty of being human is one of my favorite Cas themes (as you might have noticed in my fic!), and they went deep into that in this ep--it was like a fanfic come true! (With even a not-so-subtle Destiel moment there at the end, "I always enjoy our ... time together, Dean." Yeah? Tell us more about this 'time together' that never happens onscreen, Cas ....) Great ideas, great acting, lots and lots of Misha. I am glad I had all the spoilers so I wasn't overly dismayed when April turned out to be evil and Cas was booted from the bunker. OH, CAS!!!!!

I also have to mention a little detail I haven't seen anyone else mention. So Cas is in the bathroom at the beginning, clearly unaware of the basics of how to take care of his body, as he squirts toothpaste into his mouth (... and eats it?!), but then he takes his toothbrush--which he CLEARLY DOES NOT KNOW IS USED FOR CLEANING ONE'S TEETH--into the bathroom stall with him to do ... what, exactly? When it comes to Cas, it's surely best not to ask. A most entertaining little detail. Reminds me of a mentally ... unusual guy (among many) at a job I once had helping people with mental disabilities, and his self-cleaning habits, but ... you probably don't want to know.
I DID get to see 9.02 on bigger-than-a-small-screen t.v.--and in HD, no less! Which actually kinda somehow made it less good, I felt ... like you could see every line in the stage makeup, every seam in the set construction. The one good thing about this was getting to see every little detail of Dean's suppressed emotion pass across his face. A character who can't express his true feelings must be one of the hardest to play, but it's ALL THERE. That was beautiful. And Sam/Zeke's freaky, effed-up wings, and the hilarious lines ("He's the junk in my trunk!"), and Dean and Abaddon's flirty-dangerous exchange (overpowered-by-a-woman!Dean, droool ...).


But ... to be frank, I was kind of bored with most of the episode. I seem to be in the minority the only SPN fan in fandom who isn't apeshit about Abaddon. She pretty much seems like all the other demons to me, so her whole part was just more demony crap we've been over a million times. I felt like the episode really picked up near the end. Happy Sam! Happy! I was surprised to see all the different interpretations around here of that moment. To me it said simply: That Dean, and only Dean, knows that the only way Sam can be happy is if he isn't exactly Sam. :-( ARRRGHHH, THE FEELS!!

Okay, just one more:

Just saw 9.01 and loved it. And wow, my previous two posts sure did get jossed a lot, occasionally more or less word for word .... Ah, well; I always seem to find my way to the same wavelength with the writers. Consider this a blanket warning that any of my future fics (now that I'm keeping up with the show in real time) may end up spoily.

So apparently Sam really DOES only want death. And is his request for assurance from Death that he STAY DEAD the whole reason he didn't look for Dean when he "thought he was dead"--Sam assumed that Dean must feel the same way he does and want to stay dead? Makes sense. (I heard Carver said they would continue to go into that issue in the show, yay!) "Sacrifice" was magnificent, and 9.01 was all I would have hoped for out of a follow-up. Hurt!Sam and hurt!Cas and hurt!Dean, oh my! And feels, all the feels! *drooooool*

Loves me some Tahmoh! And ooh, as hurt!Dean scenes go, his angel beatdown was imo one of the BEST. EVER. I may even get to see 9.02 next week on something bigger than a teeny screen!!



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