I really love to play video games. Some people consider them a waste of time; I consider them an interactive art form. Plus, I'm really into technology.

There's this super-fun tower defense game I've been playing lately called Defense Grid, in which you're fighting evil aliens with the help of your Jarvis-esque computer buddy, who used to be human and had his consciousness downloaded into a computer. You learn more of his tragic story as the game goes on (the voice acting is wonderful), and it really draws you in emotionally. But the game is also fucking hard, especially this last level I'm stuck on now. I'm caught between my tenacious refusal to stop trying and the feeling that it would be nice to succeed at something for once. (Here is the diagram I had to make to try to beat this f^&*ing level:)

But the expansion packs are even harder, and there's no more Jarvis story in them, which seriously kills it by about 50% for me. :-( I mean, I like a good tower defense game, a lot, but a story makes a big difference. And this also counts for my 100 Days of Happy Day #6!

Another good tower defense game is Toy Defense. Toy Defense is a war game based on technology of the early 20th century, in which you ... basically kill scores of enemy soldiers in WWI/WWII scenarios. Hence the prominence of "Toy" in the title, the careful placement of obviously plastic toy war-game items on a "game board," and spinning wind-up knobs on the enemies' backs, because otherwise, it would be an intensely disturbing game. It's challenging and fun and frustrating and kind of creepy, but empty-feeling in the end, because it has no story. Plants Vs. Zombies, Garden Defense, and Defense Grid are all tower defense games that have good stories to go along with them, which makes them immensely more fun. I recommend any of those games to any of you who like playing that kind of game.

In other news, my SPN-cover EW still hasn't arrived yet. :-(
And for my regular day of happy today, I'ma talk about the amazing Imogen Heap. She has tons of great albums. She's always been an ethereal singer with an incredible voice, but as a songwriter, arranger, producer, her albums just keep getting better. Her latest, Sparks, absolutely blows my mind and literally makes me weep with the joy of knowing something this brilliant is allowed to exist in this world.

Here's the song I've been jamming to lately the most, of so many on this album. I'll embed it for easy access, but beware actually watching the video--I don't know about you, but a bad video can easily ruin a song for me, and the otherworldly quality of her music seems antithetical to the video medium unless it's made with tremendous care. So maybe you'll just want to do like me and only listen.

There was actually something that happened tonight that rather redeemed accidentally running over a snake. [livejournal.com profile] septembers_coda and I were just leaving her brother's house after an excellent evening of anime-viewing. As I opened the driver's-side door, I saw something earthworm-sized crawling past my foot. Very quickly I knew it was no earthworm--it was moving too fast! It was a little baby garter snake!

Naturally, it dashed under the car--then when I attempted to chase it out with a long weed, it curled up against then UNDER the rear wheel. Self-preservation is not the strong suit for snakes around here, evidently.

Fortunately, septembers_coda is the snake whisperer. It was too tiny for either of us to grab off the pavement without hurting it, but with some nudging, she was able to collect it in her hands. He was so fierce, opening his mouth REALLY wide, all ready to fight. When we finally got it, we carried it far into the grass and made sure it was headed the other direction before hurrying out of there lest he yet again decide the car was his refuge.

We saved a baby snake! It really helps a girl feel better.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE you all, please know that, so that if I don't get back to you in a timely fashion this week, you understand I'm still feelin' the love utterly, I'm just terribly/wonderfully busy with gishwhes! In the meantime, rock on with your bad selves, everyone here on my personal lj and every beautiful person sharing over at [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays! You are all so awesome!! <3 <3 <3
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal at Self Rec Saturdays

[livejournal.com profile] brightly_lit very kindly suggested I make this a weekly thing over at [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays because, as she said, "Aw, man, I love this idea! Our own works do (or at least should!) make us happy, so why SHOULDN'T we post about them??" and she's completely right, isn't she? How many of us have found an old story we wrote that may well be full of errors but still makes us smile gleefully, or laugh out loud? How many of us have dug through our old art portfolios and found a picture we'd forgotten we created and just *had* to share it with the rest of the flist? Well I think it's about time we celebrated our own achievements. They don't have to be pieces that got a lot of traffic, or artwork that was in all honesty a Van-Gogh in the making, just something that made you smile, made you proud to have created it!

So, Saturday is the day for posting your happy making endeavours over at [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays and I hope to see some pieces that y'all love and want shown off to the world (our little world anyway!)

Pimp this out ladies! :)
Okay, LATE, but here is my first Future Tuesday post.

I want to finally find the place where I belong and am welcomed, instead of being the odd person out, or not understood, or straight-up unwanted, which has been the case alll too many times. I'm pretty damn sure that would make me happy!

If you haven't yet, come on over to [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays, where we post about things that make us happy, present, past, and future.
It's Throwback Thursday at [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays, where you post about something that USED to make you happy, even if you can't imagine ever being into it now! (Or even if you can.)

Here is mine:

HE-MAN AND SHE-RA. I used to watch both shows religiously every day when I got home from middle school. (Then, Voltron, but that's another post.) I even got my (much older) brother into them. She-Ra was probably the better show, but they were both all kinds of cheesy and ridiculous. (And imagine our delight when a live-action He-Man movie, starring Dolph Lundgren, came out not long later! Except it turned out to be really quite, uhhmmm ... S & M.)

I won't subject you to lots of pictures of He-Man (although please do yourself a favor and google "he-man cosplay" images); rather, I will share with you two videos, one a hilarious spoof video from a few years ago somebody made and put online of He-Man and friends singing a modern dance song:

And on what for me is a more poignant note, the full-length song from the pilot episode of She-Ra, a song which my brother hunted down on tape and got for me (not an easy feat, and he did it partly because he simply thought it was a great song), and which, years later, a friend in college was just as into (having gotten into it on his own, also being a big He-Man/She-Ra fan). It really is musically great, if you can get past all the silly sound effects and the Casiotone production:

I am SO LOVING see y'all's posts over on [livejournal.com profile] amilliondays!!!!! It was a rough day, and they did exactly what they're supposed to do: they made me feel better. <3 <3

Here's my post for today, 100 Days of Happiness Day #2:

This guy right here: Gerard Way

I post about him all the time. His existence on this planet makes me happy. Thanks, man, for sharing yourself with the world. It's made my world better.
For my first official entry in the Hundred Days of Happiness meme, I'm gonna share something that always makes me happy, in part because it combines three things I love: s_c, SpringLea, and gishwhes!

This was for the gishwhes item: "Make an action movie trailer. The main star: a pot roast." This one always makes me laugh.

CHECK IT OUT--[livejournal.com profile] sylvia_locust podficced my soulless!Sam humor duo of fics, "Donut Run" and "Donuts on the Run." Here's the podfic--with art, too!!! SO COOL--I've never been podficced before (although I just for the first time recorded one myself), and podficcing is just the coolest thing. Yay for reading out loud and hearing each other instead of just reading each other!

Anyway, she did a great job--check it out! :-D



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